Weekly bonus

The holiday bonus event is now going on, from Sept 29, 2019 through Jan 4, 2020. Update values are displayed below in bolded red text.

Visit the Facebook post for more details.

Every week (Sunday - Saturday) you can earn up to a 5% bonus for your activity.

How it works...

Completing tasks (offers, surveys, videos, etc) and referring users will earn you "Bonus Units".

Each bonus unit is equal to 0.01%, therefore 100 bonus units is equal to 1% bonus.

Each day you can earn a max of 100 bonus units.

The max you can earn in a week, including rollover (discussed below) is 500 bonus units (5%), which allows flexibility throughout the week.

Half of whatever bonus you earn in a week will automatically rollver to the following week for free. For example if you earn a 4% bonus in a week you'll start with 2% the next week instead of starting completely back over at 0%.


The bonus percentage will be applied to the total amount of points you earned from referrals and tasks for the week.

For example if your bonus percentage is 2.5% and you received 1,000 points completing tasks + 500 points from referrals completing tasks, then you would receive 37.5 points (1500 * 2.5%).

There is no max/cap to the amount of bonus points you can earn.

The bonus can be claimed after 12:10 AM EDT/EST the following Sunday. You will have 30 days to claim before it expires.