I didn't receive my direct deposit reward?

Please take note of the status of your Direct deposit reward shown on the Rewards history page. If "Pending", it has not yet been processed. If "Completed", it has been processed on our side.

If your direct deposit reward has been marked as Completed, please allow up to 1-2 business days for it to be received.

If you haven't received it after 2 business days, it's likely that either the account # or routing # you provided us is incorrect or that your bank doesn't allow you to receive a direct deposit payment. In such cases, it does take a while (1-2 weeks for things to settle and for us to be notified by our bank that it didn't properly process). Requests not properly processed are subject to $5 fee.

Please create a Support ticket if your direct deposit reward hasn't been received within 10 business days of the Completed date.