CrowdFlower tasks

Illustration of CrowdFlower tasks

Tasks are a great way to watch points add up. They are really easy to complete and don't ask you for your personal information. You're just given a set of instructions and when you complete them you get points. Please note that each user will have different tasks depending upon passed levels, badges, and their location.

Set up your CrowdFlower dashboard

The first thing you want to do before trying a task is setting up your CrowdFlower Dashboard. You'll have to sign up for an account but it doesn't take much time and is well worth it.

The Dashboard will keep track of tasks you complete, messages from CrowdFlower and offer skills tests. Taking and passing skills tests and levels often lead to more and higher paying tasks.

Once your Dashboard is set-up it won't show much, go to the CrowdFlower offer wall and try a few tasks. Not every task will be available that other members are completing. It will also take a while for your stats to show up on your CrowdFlower Dashboard so be patient.

Why don't I have that task?

Certain tasks are targeted to members that have acquired a certain level. Completing more tasks and those of a different variety, along with a good accuracy percentage will start to help increase your level.

How to find your Contributor ID

Login at CrowdFlower ( ). Once logged in, click your name on the top right and select Edit Profile. Your Contributor ID would then be shown. You can also find your Contributor ID by accessing a task and and clicking on the Help menu item within that task itself.

How to find a Job ID

Each specific CrowdFlower task has its own Job ID. To find a Job ID, you would access the task and click on the Help menu. The Job ID would then be shown. You can also find a Job ID from your Job History ( ).

How to set instaGC as your preferred channel

If you have accessed CrowdFlower from multiple sources, you would need to ensure to set instaGC as your preferred channel. First, you would login at CrowdFlower ( ). Second, access instaGC and click on a task. Click on the Help menu to note your instaGC Contributor ID. Go back to your CrowdFlower profile ( ), and select the radio button for the Contributor ID that goes with instaGC, and click Save.