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NET10 Wireless is a related offering, using both GSM and CDMA phones which support voicemail and text messaging at a minimum. Some models also offer Bluetooth, camera, handsfree speaker, qwerty keyboard, and wireless web. The "10" in NET10 signifies that each voice minute costs ten cents (five cents for text messages), with no additional fees. NET10's slogan is No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil.

In Store
Never Expires
No Fees
Redeem for any NET10 Wireless plan (30-day monthly plan only).
  • To activate a new phone: Go to www.net10wireless.comor call 1-877-836-2368.
  • To add minutes: Go to the prepaid menu and in the add airtime screen, enter the gift card information and press OK.

This card adds 1000 minutes and 30 service days usable for data/text/talk. This card cannot be added to NET10 phones that require the unlimited plan. If you switch from the NET10 pay as you go cards to the NET10 30 day monthly plan cards, you will lose any remaining minutes and service days on your phone. There is no carry over of unused services.